The Government Should By Example – David-West

A former Minister of Petroleum, Prof. Tam David-West, has called on Nigerians to resist bad leadership, saying the masses deserve good leadership.


Speaking on an interactive programme aired by the Osun State Broadcasting Corporation on Thursday, David-West lamented the erosion of integrity, commitment and hard work in the country.

According to him, it is high time Nigerians stopped being treated shabbily by corrupt and inept leaders, adding that the country’s leaders should show selflessness, commitment and transparency.

Lamenting the high level of unemployment in the country, the don said it was unfortunate that graduates in the country had been falling over themselves to seek employment as drivers and cleaners.

According to David-West, the perversion of the Nigerian society cuts across socio-economic and political strata.

He, therefore, called for a change of altitude from the political class.

Proffering solutions to the problems facing the country, he said, “Our leaders must love the country more than themselves. The masses should not only know their rights; they must be ready to fight for their rights.

“When a government is doing the wrong thing, they should march on the streets and force the government to do what they want. The government should lead by example.”