The Healthiest Daily Things You Can Do For YOU


Wondering how to be a healthier you? In a mere 10 minutes, you can tap into more creativity, release some pent up tension, get your blood flowing, cut down on frustrations, beautify your body, improve your day and uplift your spirit. See how many things you can do every day. No more procrastinating! Start NOW!

Do Sit-Ups

Read About Health News (& World News)

Eat An Apple

Stretch At Your Desk

Be Aware Of Your Posture

Send An Encouraging Email To A Friend

Resist The Impulse To Eat Too Many Sweets

Post Something Inspirational On Facebook Or Twitter

Exercise At Your Desk

Smile More Often

Drink More Water & Less Soda

Unplug All Chargers Before Leaving Home

Pay A Bill Online

Check Your Blood Pressure At Least Once A Year

Wake Up 10 Minutes Earlier

Take A Brisk Walk

Wash Your Hands

Start A Journal

Call Your Parents

Take A Deep Breath

Take Time To Enjoy The Smell Of Your Lotion

Drink More Water

Jog In Place

Share A Healthy Recipe

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