Tweet of the Day: “An Empty Pocket Does Not Deserve An Erection” – Kelly Hansome

Not much has been heard of rapper/singer, Kelly Hansome but recently he went on twitter to express his mind on relationships.


Read tweet below and tell us what you think



  1. Bullshit… you alone not other guys…u no be man? or d man in you don kpai?…wether money or no money as long as you get mouth n ur swagg dey high.. guy kustu continue on high erection

  2. Kelly I love u for dis tweet.though other guys won’t find dis tweet funny but its true. Guys want girls to love them witout money but they don’t want to love babes witout sex .if u don’t ve money to takecare of a woman date her witout sex or stay on ur own or better still go out there and work and make money .a woman needs to be takeen care of bcos women are like flowers if u don’t water them they will fade away.


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