UNILAG Student Tricked & Molested By 2 Boys Shares Her Story

UNILAG student raped

She was kidnapped and raped in turns by two friends, one of them close to her family, but she could not tell anyone because the guys took her nude photos and she was afraid of the stigma. The guys posted the photos on the internet and somehow her relations abroad saw them.

INFO  gathered that it was her relations outside the country that contacted her mother and expose the rape of this UNILAG undergraduate. Below is what they did to the lady as stated by her:

“Babajide came to our house to treat our dog. In the process, he requested for my phone number and I reluctantly gave him. He started calling me and told me he would like to go out with me.“But I told him I already had a boyfriend whom I loved. Yet, he kept calling me, saying he was not interested in just going out with me but wanted to marry me. Aside that, he kept monitoring my movements and at a point, I deleted his contact on my phone.“I was returning home for a weekend in April, a car stopped by my side at Idumota bus-stop. Jide was sitting beside a driver who was unknown to me.

“On sighting him, I walked past. But the next thing he did was to hold me by the hand, dragged me into the car and drove to his house.

“When he got home, he started beating me and tore my clothes, asking what I wanted that he could not give me. He instructed me to unlock my phone and when he discovered that I used my boyfriend’s name as password, he resumed the beating.

“At a point, he gave me his phone to speak with some of his friends who told me I was in for trouble, for turning down a member of their unnamed cult, threatening that they would kill me for treating him shabbily.

“Thereafter, he raped me and when he was done, his friend took his turn despite my plea. When he saw I was bleeding, he stopped and started begging me. At that point, he brought out his phone and started taking my nude pictures. I made attempt to cover my face but he hit me on the head with a bottle and continued taking the shots.

How I escaped
“I begged him to allow me call my mother to give him some money for my release but he refused. I also appealed to him to delete my pictures when he started begging me.

“I stayed in that room all night till the next day when he went out to get me some drugs. Immediately he stepped out, I tried the door and discovered it was not locked from outside. I quickly changed into one of my dirty clothes in my bag and escaped.

“But I could not tell anyone at home. When my elder brother asked what the problem was on seeing the blood stained clothes, I told him I was involved in an accident and when my mother insisted on knowing what the problem was, I told her I fought with a course mate. She insisted on going to school with me on seeing the magnitude of the injury but I prevented her.

“Barely had I settled down than Babjide called, threatening to kill me if I disclosed what happened to anyone. As if that was not enough, his friends also called and threatened me as well.”

The alleged rapist, Babajide Bashorun, who claimed she was his girlfriend, has been charged to court.

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  • their manhood need to be cut off frm them……… STUPID BOYS………… their mates are busy looking f wat with beta their lives they re busy raping..GOOD FOR NOTHING IDIOTS

    • Can U̶̲̅ live wit d stigma of rape? I doubt it. Dnt be quick to condem pple. Wat U̶̲̅ may say I̶̲̥̅̊S̤̥̈̊ dat she went there voluntarily fƠ̴̴̴̴͡я̲̅ some goodies, bt ended up being raped. Bt pls 80 percent of pple wud cover up rape case. Dats Ɣ d perpertrators stll indulge in d act freely.

  • It’s a pity anyway, but what baffles me is that, you were dragged into a car @ a bus stop, can’t u shout 4 rescue? Was he with a gun or any other weapon in the car? Was the car driven right inside his room? Were there no people in that compound? Did he used jazz on you? Was your mouth sealed from shouting? Well, only you can tell the truth of this matter. Hwever, may God avenge for you if u’re truely innocent; & for those guys, they deserve to be taugth hard lesson. Sorry sha.

  • I wonder if the people commenting here in defense of these useless boys are not members of the cult gang. These boys and their accomplices should rot in jail.

  • This story don’t look real.how can she say she was dragged to the car without been on gun point or been threatened by any arm in a bus stop that she can’t scream for help?î believe she went to the guys house and maybe the guy has promised her for something valuable on getting there,the story changed and he raped her and took her unclad pictures letting her not o reveal what happened.î think the girl will be questioned in court to know the real story.

  • Not every1 can leave wit the stigma of rape…dnt be quick 2 jump in2 conclusion…I totally belive this girl cus I ave also been a victim

  • D story is so touchin dat my eyes r jst full of tears, guys eh, most especially d useless ones, dey can do anyfin jst 2 get anyfin dey want. Initailly d gurl told him she already had a boy4rnd, of which if she is one dis wayward gurls dat goes out wif different men, she wudn’t av told d guy abt her boy4rnd. When u c stories like dis on net, u jst open ur mouth nd hands to comments rubbish, jjst bcos uu neva experienced such. Do u fink its easy 2 b threathned of sumfin resultin 2 ur lyf, nd u still go ahead 2 do dat fin which u were warned against? 4 dat guy his D**k nid 2 b roasted while he sees it roastin. Wen a gurl doen’t like u nd u found dat she doesn’t, why nt leave her nd go 4 anoda? Is it compullsory dat every gurl u approach must like nd accept u?

  • I pray she did not contact HIV. terrible, my girl friend was once raped too, those guys must be jailed. ladies in such victims use to keep it to themselves bcs of the stigma.

  • This story is realy pitiable but it luks fake in all ramificatns. A guy met u at a bus stop and dragd u into his car, was that at night? D road u tooj was that a bush road 2 his house? In d house was there no neighbour in d house or near by? Any way may d God lord console u if u’re saying d truth

  • Wel d story is torching bt juging 4m her statement dat she ws drag 2 d bus at a buz junctn n taking 2 his hus were other pple live yet u dnt say anytink.my dear just say d truth cus i hav avry reason 2 belive dat d guy was her boy frn bt she ws trying 2 doble date so wen d guy discover it,dn d guy took d law in 2 his hand wich is also wrong cus 4 d guy 2 ask her wht is it dat she want dat he cant gave her shore dat d guy ws his boyfrn,d gal is just liying 2 cover up.

  • No matter the mistakes on the side of the girl maybe, these guy’s are disgrace to men and are monsters who deserves severe punishment for not holding their sexual desires.

  • Those guys are very mean! They had their fun and went ahead to post her unclad pictures on the net! No matter what relationship might have existed between them in the past, the guy went too far in damaging the girls reputation and chances of a better love life! Shame on those guys!


  • No Matter how one can be deaf and dum, u were draggen at the Bus Stop into Cab and she can’t shout..LMAO…I think this Lady was interested in the guy but the Matter turn out to be something else

  • It is not as easy as some of u r sayin it oh,if they rape u+ take ur nude pics + one of ur rapists is a family friend,shame + confusion go grip ur mind for as long as possible.
    As for the question if she was grabbed n put in d car at gun point,its a stupid question,sorry to say. She’s a girl,walking alone,being atttacked by her family friend whom she shud have trusted small won’t raise much of suspicion,how wud she expect her family frend to rape her,she may have thought its one of his toasting sessions,not knowing it was a planned rape day!
    A girl alone always lacks confidence in situations like dis,if to say she dey waka wit 2bouncers,u think she’ll be half afraid as she was wen she heard d rapists r cultists? She go fear fear! When I was young,a cultist toasted me,I almost left d school,I thot he was wilder than a lion,not knowing I alone would have slapped him when he was toasting me doz days and nothing for happen.
    Guys that rape should be killed or have their penises sliced or chopped off neatly. How can u rape a woman? Go find some man to rape his own anus if ur penis won’t break or if u won’t catch hiv + syphillis instantly,men who rape should be sentenced to death,that’s if I was a law maker sha. Death by raping,yes,shebi penis dey itch dat kind man? I will arrange for law men or law women to rape him till he dies,shebi he wans to ejacuate? He go ejaculate he go die. Only Cowards rape,real men will appeal to ur emotional senses and win ur heart and make luv to u at d right time. Sick bastards rape,God pls let Ur will be done.

  • he should be sentence to life inprisonment of hardwork, infact e deserve 2 die by hanging. So it will serve as a lesson 2 oda rapers. Nonsense

  • U went for kwanan gida. How come u have another of ur cloth to change. Am sure u know his a cult guy and u continued with d friendship till it turned soar.

  • The story is fucking fake because how did they known you are around that area at that point in time, u’r no longer communicating each other again. I believe you both are dating before and u fucked the guy up and the guy decide to punish u by so doing. Anywayz that punishment is too harsh, d guy should be punished according to the law and i also belieVe the girl too have learnt her own lessons too

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