Unilag Students Stage Mass Protest Over Cost of Pure Water and Other Food Items

Students of the University of Lagos are protesting the high cost of living on campus.

It was gathered that the peaceful protest started yesterday, as the students bemoaned the high cost of food and other basic items on campus, saying it is disheartening that students are paying higher for food and other consumables than their prices outside campus.

The cost of making photocopies is also said to be too expensive for an academic environment.

According to a citizen reporter who seeks anonymity,”Imagine, we students  are buying sachet water at N10 per sachet, Indomie super pack sold for N60 in town is N70 here, same as Indomie hungry man size, which is N100 everywhere except in my school where it goes for N110.

Also soft drinks in plastic bottles such as Viju,Fanta,Pepsi are sold for N120 per bottle instead of its supposed retail price of N100.

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  • Thank God that protest on such matter can come up, i thinks is the responsibility of NANS (National Association of Nigeria Student) to see to the welfare of every student on campus and we wont be exploited by does selfish business men and women, the struggle should not start and end at unilag alone, it should spread accross to every tertiarry institute of Nigeria

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