US Places N1.1bn Bounty On B’Haram Leader, Shekau

Abubakar ShekauThe United States took a bold step yesterday when it placed a bounty of $23million, an equivalent of N3.3 billion on the head of top Al- Qaeda-linked terrorists in Nigeria and West Africa. 

Nigeria’s Boko Haram leader, Sheik Abubakar Shekau, leads the pack with a reward of $7 million (N1.1 billion) for anybody that can provide information that can lead to his capture.

The $23 million reward money announced by the US include the sum of $5 million placed on Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the Algerian-based Al-Qaeda leader who led the hostages attack in Southern Algerian town of Menas in February 2013. He was later reported to have been killed by Chadian troops in Mali.

Another sum of $5 million was placed on the head of Yahya Abou Al-Hammam, a top leader of Ansar Dine in Mali, while the names of two others were not available at press time.

The US which refused to bow under pressure into declaring Boko Haram a Foreign Terrorist Organisation, (FTO), has with this move, set in motion a massive manhunt for the terrorist leaders who have been responsible for spreading insecurity and terror across Nigeria and West Africa.