Video: Girl exposes Private Part and Bum On Stage For Iyanya During UK Concert


Singer Iyanya has always got many female fans drooling when he is on stage perfoming; it wasn’t different when he passed through the UK for his album launch campaign.

However, this time it was the other way round. One of his fans left all the men present with their tongues out.

While in Manchester last night at the #Iyanya Kukere Concert, a female fan was called up onstage to give a bootilicious dance over one of Iyanya’s classical songs in front of multitudes of fans.

She did what she had to do but ‘her dress was too short’ so that when she bent down, everything at the bottom side was revealed, or did she intentionally make that happen?

Watch video below:


  1. Nawa o! These gals and or madam expose and make all sorths of seductive moves in public and nobody considers that as abuse on men but wheneva any guy goes close even if did nt touch u wil c varous groups and all kinds of ppl shouting in d name of woman right, wats d essence when those ladies go arounding demanding such abuse?

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  3. Signs of End time, iyanya himeslf has not being up to 6 years in the music industry and he can go to london just to perform a show, how many gospel artiste who have being singing for 20 years had have the opportunity of travelling to ghana, the world is sure come to an end and the devil is seemingly taking over, but i pray GOD ALMIGHTY will continue to help us…… AMEN


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