Why Maku’s Attacking Lagos, Edo States – Oshiomhole

Labaran-Maku1Edo State governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has berated the Minister of Information – Mr Labaran Maku for claiming that most of the motorable roads in the state were constructed by the Federal Government.

Maku had recently stated that the federal roads in Edo were so smooth that one could spread a mat and lay on it but apparently piqued by the minister’s statement, Oshiomhole, who spoke through his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity Prince Kassim Afegbua, said the allegation was nothing but a “height of crass irresponsibility and rudderless leadership”.

He said it was not appropriate “for any serious-minded public officer to mount the podium of public discourse to advertise falsehood and distort facts so unashamedly to please the hollow rituals of his master’s ears.

“Rather than own up to failure and inability to meet certain targets, they go about whispering ‘sweet-nothings’ as the lullabic tinge to send their master to sleep when the nation is suffering from unimaginable infrastructural decay”, he said.

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The governor also noted “The fact that Edo and Lagos states did not grant space to Labaran Maku and his co-travellers on that ill-advised good governance tour, is not enough grounds for him to be telling Nigerians bogus lies in such an inelegant manner, undeserving of a public officer feasting on tax payers money.

“We will implore Labaran Maku to go into the corner of his bedroom and ask God for forgiveness over his rabblerousing presentation in the name of being a government megaphone, presenting apocryphal report card and deceiving a nation that is already livid with anger over PDP’s non-performance”, he said.


  1. EFCC needs to investigate Labaran Maku over his “Good Governance Tour” round Nigerian States, more so as he made those states Governments to foot the bills for his team’s Logistics after he had drawn same from FGN coffers. Refusal to respond positively to his request for the obviously inflated Logistics Bill has pitched him against the performing Governor of Edo State.

  2. @Adedotun, it might interest you to know that it was agreed by the governors at the recent controversial NGF meeting they will fund the NGGtour, these governors wanted to be show cased and graded for having done good work in their states. So what are you talking about, please.

    • And i guess u were @ dat NGF meeting when this governors agreed to that pointless tour?? My friend keep mute and read btw the lines, when Nigerians are suffering on a massive scale! D idiot Maku nd his cohorts are goin on a tour where they’ll lavishly squander tax payers money. Kudos to Oshiomhole nd Fashola, dese duo deserve accolades and award of good governance. To hell with Maku and his puppet master.

      • Read between what lines. Those states that decided not to participate did the tour not continue to show case the on-going/completed projects done by the FG. So what the hell are you talking about. You should be quiet and bow your head in shame.

  3. shameless talkative maku,dats wat u are,go tel to d birds,every nigerian citizen knws ur government fail,pdp is a failure


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