Why Obama Won’t Visit Nigeria – US

The United States on Tuesday hinted on the reasons why President Barack Obama won’t visit Nigeria during his upcoming three-nation trip to Africa.


According to US officials, the ongoing insecurity appeared to be responsible for the exclusion of Nigeria  in Obama’s second visit to the continent.

Obama is scheduled to visit Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa.

The US government said the trip would focus on trade and investment, democratic institution-building, young people, and enhancing  economic growth.

American Deputy National Security Advisor, Ben Rhodes, made this clarifications at a briefing on Tuesday.

The briefing was addressed jointly with the Senior Director for African Affairs Grant Harris and Senior Director for Development and Democracy Gayle Smith, on Obama’s upcoming visit.

The text of the briefing was made available to journalists in Abuja by the Information Office of the Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy.

Rhodes said, “With respect to Nigeria, we certainly believe that Nigeria is a fundamentally important country to the future of Africa. We’ve put a lot of investment in the relationship with Nigeria through their leadership of ECOWAS, through the significant US business investment in Nigeria and through our security cooperation.

“Obviously, Nigeria is working through some very challenging security issues right now. And in that process, they’re going to be a partner of the United States. We certainly believe we’ll have an opportunity to further engage the Nigerian government through bilateral meetings going forward. But at this point, we just were not able to make it to Nigeria on this particular itinerary.

“I will say that we purposefully designed the itineraries to be able to reach West Africa, South Africa and East Africa, and in West Africa, to visit Senegal, a French-speaking, Muslim-majority democracy that is an important partner of the United States and also provides a platform for the President to speak to the broader region.

“We are also looking at ways, at the President’s town hall in South Africa with young African leaders, to draw in through technology young people in Nigeria and in Kenya, among other places, so that the President is using this trip to speak to the broader African audience. We recognize we’d like to go to as many countries as possible.’’

Source: Punch Nigeria


  1. Big lie,he is visitin dos country to lobby so dat d wil acept gay marriage…becos niaja has made it clear dat we dnt like it dats y he xcluded us…eyaaa we dnt want u to cum….fada free mason

  2. What kind of embarrassment is this,what is so important for American president visiting Nigeria,pls save ur visit.Nigeria is too big for that we don’t need u pls, in past some American president visited Nigeria does it change any thing, pls

  3. That’s just a flimsy excuse,it’s bogus,and is such a huge lie. And it’s so disgusting that he of such supposed eminence couldn’t come up with something better for an excuse.
    I think this is more intricate than it appears. I mean what country doesnt have insecurities?or what country doesnt have even an ounce of corruption,or the history of it?even America is faced with insecurities.
    This is preposterous! He has given a sine qua non,a hidden one,and if we dont fulfil this condition,he would never visit. So his ingenious step,as to offering a delusive supposed apology doesnt meet us halfway.he shouldnt capitalize on the fact that we Nigerians venerate him much.this is not to denigrate him but if it were all left to me,i couldnt be bothered if he visited or not.what arrogance!?


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