With Days To Live, Man Dying Of Cancer Seeks Nothing But His Missing Dog

John Simpson is dying of pancreatic cancer and may have just days to live. Before he goes, he wants to see his dog one more time.

Simpson’s pet Chihuahua, Mr. Cutie, went missing several days ago, after digging a hole under a fence in Simpson’s backyard in Holiday, Fla., Fox 13 reports. Unfortunately, the dog wasn’t wearing tags.

Simpson, a Vietnam veteran, has been staying in a hospice room during what may be his final days. A friend was watching Mr. Cutie at Simpson’s home. The friend believes Mr. Cutie was looking for Simpson when he escaped, according to Fox 13.

Via Fox 13:

“That dog’s never tried to dig a hole. Saturday was the first time I took the dog here to hospice. That next day, he got out. I really think he was looking for John,” friend Ann Marie Gemmel said Wednesday.

Simpson told Fox 13 that his one wish is for his dog to return. “When you’re growing up you’re asked, ‘If you could have one wish, what would you wish for?’ Back in those days, I used to say, ‘As many wishes as I could wish for.’ Now, my only wish would be for my dog to come home,” Simpson said. “Part of me feels like I can go in peace if that happens.”

Several weeks ago, a homeless man’s pet dog went missing. After a Facebook campaign, that dog was found and returned to its owner. Here’s hoping Simpson’s story will have a similar ending.