You’ll Fail Trying To Play God, PDP BoT Member Tells Obasanjo

Olusegun_ObasanjoA member of the Peoples Democratic Party’s Board of Trustees, Alhaji Shauib Oyedokun, has asked former President Olusegun Obasanjo to stop playing ‘God’ as he does not have the final say in the affairs of the party as it concerns the South-West region.

Oyedokun, a former National Deputy Chairman of the party who spoke in Osogbo on Sunday, accused Obasanjo of sowing the seed of discord in the PDP, just as he rained curses on members of the party seeking its destruction.

According to Oyedokun, the former President’s activities in recent times are capable of causing the disintegration of the party in the South-West and expressed disappointment that the PDP in Ogun State, where Obasanjo hails from, had been in disarray.

“The PDP is disintegrating in the state of the man we call our leader,” Oyedokun said.

Noting that leaders of the party in the region had decided to stand up against Obasanjo, Oyedokun said, “He should stop playing God. God has done so much for him more than any other person – in terms of governance in this country. Nebucadenezzer, in the Bible, did it and failed.

“The ancient Pharaohs did it and failed. We are oppressed. Obasanjo is oppressing us and God is always with the oppressed.

“Anybody who has benefitted from the PDP and is attempting to damage the PDP, God will damage the person. I am bound to talk because I am one of the founding fathers of the PDP in this country. Some of the documents forming the PDP were done in this office.

“It was Obasanjo that convinced us to support Jonathan. He convincingly sold Jonathan to us that we had no choice but to support Jonathan. If he sold Jonathan to us and he is now disagreeing with him, he should call us and tell us his reasons.

He added, “If he is putting up another person within the party – that is okay. But insinuations are rife that he wants to move them (people) to another party. Where you are being respected, you must tread softly.

“Obasanjo has put us in such a precarious position that anything he says, people would say he is speaking on behalf of the South-West and that he has the final say. No! He has no final say.

“I am talking for the majority of the leaders in the South-West. We will stand up to him this time around. Obasanjo sowed the seed of discord that is germinating in the party.”

Oyedokun also wondered why the former President shelved a trip to Morocco to attend the Democracy Day celebration in Jigawa where Obasanjo took indirect swipes at President Goodluck Jonathan during the occasion.

Oyedokun warned that there was more to Obasanjo’s actions than met the eyes.



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