10 Amazing Facts About Men’s Brains

mens brain

A man’s brain is a thing of mystery. No one truly knows what lies behind every thought and action that springs forth from it. Women, as much as they try, have difficulty unlocking the door and understanding
the closely guarded secrets of the male brain. Nevertheless, there are a few secrets about men’s brains that have been discovered by science. Are you eager to be in the know? Check out the following interesting facts about men:

1. Some men actually stop wanting to sow their wild oats. Are you in shock over this one? After all, it’s a common assumption that men find it hard to be faithful. They are usually depicted as wild stallions that want to remain free from any attachment in
order to fully enjoy their freedom.
Well, here’s the truth: after the age of 30, guys can have a strong urge to remain loyal to their partners.

2. They’re extremely concerned about who’s in charge. Here comes another interesting fact about men – at the tender age of 6, boys start to be preoccupied with setting a stable hierarchy. They get anxious when there’s an unstable or nonexistent pecking order and thrive in settings where the issue
of who’s boss is crystal clear. This might explain why a lot of men are dying to be in the military and other such work settings. The unambiguous chain of command is something that men truly appreciate
and is quite useful in lowering testosterone levels and reining in male aggression. Hmm. Wonder how they truly feel about women being in charge?

3. Guys also undergo hormonal changes when their wives are expecting. One of the funny facts about men is that they actually undergo hormonal changes when their wives
are carrying their babies. Few people are aware of this phenomenon. Hormonal surges are more commonly associated with the highly emotional pregnant women. After all, soon-to-be mothers are notoriously known for erratic mood swings that send their husbands running for cover. Who would
have time to think that the husbands were also experiencing a few hormonal changes?

4. As they age, males become less competitive and more cooperative. Have you ever marveled at how competitive the males of our species can be? Men as a gender have a reputation for being power-hungry and competitive. Boys want to have the best cars, teenage guys compete for the perfect dates, and grown men yearn for the topmost station in life. Is there no end to all that competitiveness?

5. Their unique daddy-play is favorable to kids. Daddies play with their kids in a distinct way. They tease their kids a lot, engage them in more rough- housing, and tend to be more spontaneous with their
play methods. While a mom might view rough play as being bad for kids, the special type of play that a dad and his kid engage in might actually do a lot of good. Studies discovered that such types of play prepare children for the harsher real world by teaching them
to become more confident and learn better. It has also been shown that when a dad is more involved with his children, they are less likely to exhibit risky sexual behavior.

6. Men are highly protective of their territory. While women are also prone to fits of blinding jealousy, men are particularly prone to violence when their territory, security, or loved ones are threatened. Most people would attribute this tendency to high levels of testosterone, but no one really knows for sure the cause behind such a
behavior. It could be as simple as a survival instinct that’s been passed on from one generation to another as the human species evolved. Maybe future research will reveal that the human male’s brain simply has a larger portion dedicated to defense
compared to the human female’s brain, which is the case for other mammals.

7. They’re programmed to check out women.
With this interesting fact about men, guys can finally breathe a sigh of relief – they now have an excuse to give whenever their partners catch them checking out other gorgeous female specimens (good luck with that!). Women, you can point the finger at testosterone. Apart from being associated with hostility and aggression, the said hormone also plays a huge role when it comes to a guy’s libido. It has also been found to impair the male brain’s impulse-control centers. This might be the reason why men automatically ogle women as if it’s an auto-pilot response.

8. Males are natural problem solvers. Guys usually get a lot of flak about not being able to empathize as well as women. Well, to set things straight, they do – it’s just that their empathy gets placed on a back burner while their brains are searching for the solution to the problem at hand. The “solve-it” center of the male brain rapidly
takes the reigns, so that men are already searching for ways to fix the matter as women are still expressing their empathy. At least this way, the stressed or problematic person gets the best of both worlds – the empathy he craves and the solution he needs.

9. They can be just as lonely as women! Women love to share their feelings and express their feelings when they feel loneliness, but most men just tend to keep quiet. Men who do express loneliness or depression are often old to “man up”. This doesn’t mean, though, that men are less likely to feel the emotion itself.

10. During infancy, boys are more emotionally
reactive than girls. This one probably comes as a shock. Females are usually viewed as the more emotional of the sexes, but males are actually capable of being more emotionally reactive – they just learn how to hide their emotions and adopt a poker face when handling things. This is probably why the emotional tendency is more apparent in infant boys; they just haven’t
learned how to hide their “unmanly” feelings yet.

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