10 Signs You Need To Grow Up!!!

Maturity is a function of the mind, the way you reason and the way you see life generally….it is not a function of age or experience as most people think! Should you still be associated with any. of these signs below, then you need to grow up and change the way you act and react.

1. You think you know everything, thus you don’t listen to correction.

2. You always believe every one is talking ill of you.

3. You view and categories everyone as same.

4. You don’t respect other people’s views and opinions.

5. You don’t observe courtesy, you do things your own ways every time.

6. You are proud to say “sorry”, even when you are the one at fault.

7. You jump at every guy or girl that comes your way.

8. You don’t think about the future, neither do you have plans or ambitions.

9. You open your mouth at any place and say any word to any body…. You are kind of abusive.

10. You are always jealous of other people’s achievement.


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