10 Tips On How To Become More Attractive To Women

When it comes to dating, the odds are often stacked against you. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to even them and give yourself an edge. Be proactive and follow these 10 steps to make yourself more attractive to women.


1. Be a Gentleman

Make no mistake – it’s still important to be a gentleman. Chivalry is not dead; it’s just on life support, with a few broken ribs and a bruised ego. But if you want to stand out to women and gain a good reputation in the process, there’s no better way than by being a gentleman.

2. Get a Girl Interested in You

Unfortunately, it takes more than a little manscaping and a lack of man boobs to pique a girl’s interest. Think of those things as a way to get in the door. If you really want to seal the deal and get her number, you’re going to need to impress, and that involves being funny. Leave the “knock, knock” jokes behind.

3. Learn to Read Her Signals

We are animals, and even though we’ve evolved to use complex language to express ourselves, we still communicate non-verbally. In fact, it’s easy to tell a lie with your words; it’s much harder to make your body language lie. Learn to read her signals to know when she’s interested (and when she isn’t), and you’ll have a much easier time navigating the dating world.

4. Use Food to Increase Your Libido

Your diet is important, and not just because it impacts your waist size. Eating the right foods can improve your sexual health and give you back the libido you had when you were a teenager. And if that’s not a reason to ditch the fast food and start preparing your own meals, you need more help than we can give you.

5. The Art of Saying ‘No’

A real man doesn’t need to bend over backward to please everyone. He values his time and prioritizes accordingly. Inevitably, that means saying no – to dates, job offers, work requests, whatever. The thing is, most men suck at this. They hem and haw, they break out in a cold sweat, but when push comes to shove, they fold like a lawn chair and put someone else’s needs ahead of their own. Stop it! Stop it right now!

6. Don’t Be Creepy

In all fairness, most men are not creepy, and most of the men who get labeled “creepy” are just not very good at approaching women. See a girl running alone at night with headphones on? Don’t run up behind her and tap her on the shoulder.

7. Manscape

What you do with your pubic hair is between you and god, but manscaping isn’t limited to your nether regions. Unsightly hairs on your back, shoulders, stomach and neck should be waxed off without second thoughts.

8. Dress for Your Body Type

Another no-brainer. Dressing for your body type doesn’t just mean wearing clothes that fit — although that’s a good place to start. It also means accentuating your positive attributes and taking the focus away from your negative ones

9. Take Care of Your Skin

For a minimal investment of time and money, you can have your skin looking better than ever — smooth, blemish-free and moisturized. What excuse do you have? Taking care of the basics is the first step in looking more attractive.

10. Lose Your Man Boobs

This really needs no explanation. Man boobs are the source of men’s greatest body insecurity, and getting rid of them can be tricky.

Source: YNaija



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