11 Killed In 24 Hours In Egypt As Protesters Clash

No fewer than eleven people lost their lives in overnight clashes in Cairo between supporters and opponents of ousted President Mohamed Morsi, according to the interior ministry.

The violence broke out before dawn on Tuesday near a Muslim Brotherhood protest at Cairo University, where Morsi supporters have been camped out since the army removed the Islamist politician from power on July 3 after protests against his rule.

Nineteen people were also injured, health officials said.

At least three people died on Monday in similar violence.

One of those killed on Monday died on the outskirts of Tahrir Square, where several anti-Morsi demonstrations have been held.

The clashes late that night saw the use of birdshot, gunfire and fire bombs, witnesses said. Police then intervened, firing tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Adly Mansour, Egypt’s interim president, had earlier in the day renewed appeals for reconciliation with Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood.

“We want to turn a new page in the country’s book with no hatred, no malice, no division,” he said in a pre-recorded speech that also highlighted the importance of the army in Egypt’s history.

Injured people were removed from the fighting and seven Morsi supporters were detained, according to state media.

Since Morsi’s removal, 100 lives have been lost to violence.

The Muslim Brotherhood has staged daily protests across the country since Morsi was deposed demanding his reinstatement and reiterating their determination to continue protests until their demands are met.