3 Christian Boys Killed by Police Due to Love Affair with Muslim Girls

Three Christian boys have been tortured and murdered by Pakistani police due to love affairs with Muslim girls.

islam_christianity1Afzal Masih, 20, and his cousin Iftikhar Masih, 20, from Moran Walla Sharkpur were tortured and murdered on the 29th of April 2013.

Then, on the 10th of June, Adnan Masih was also tortured and murdered by Punjab police, without any written complaint.

Also Farhad Masih, 16, and the mother of of Shibli town Gulshan Ravi Lahore was arrested by the Complaint (FIR) 579/13.PPC, 380/496 A.

The local Muslims looted and then attempted to burn Farhad’s house. The police constables and investigation officers were torturing and abusing the Christian boys, as well as threatening them about their love relations with Muslim girls.

They believe that in Islam, muslim males are allowed to be with non-muslim women but muslim women are not allowed to be with non-muslim males.

After some time local Muslims held a huge protest against Christians and tried to burn down their houses. Some Muslims have announced that Christian boys must be forced to convert to Islam.

Due to great pressure from the S. P. Iqbal town Imtiaz Sarwar conditions were given to provide for the safety and lives of Farhad Masih and the members of his family. These conditions are as follows:

1. Farhad must convert to Islam.

2. He must pay 500,000 (807,547.41 NGN) to his wife.

3. He must pay 2,000 (3,230.19 Naira) to his wife every month.

4. He can visit his parents but is not allowed to live with them.

5. If he converts back to Christianity then he will be murdered.


  1. Wht type of religion is this? Religion dat encourages Violence n shedding of blood..Islam n muslims r d troublers of d world.ismael’s generation has been cursed right from early time.so wht do we expect.

  2. Jesus is lord over the law of muslems, no body forces a person to become a christian because christianity is a religion of peace and self-will, and the only way to God through his son jesus christ

  3. its an optunity to abuse someone relegion, how comes u come & tell us, islam is not like that, is a religion of peace, & they are not enforced anybody to beleave with at all.

  4. Christian Girls you heard it all.This is Muslem for you. You can eat my food but I cannot eat your food.Perfect sense in a perfect doctrine. I am only sorry for greedy Christian girls who goes about looking for cozy Alhajis who can give them dollars to leak Monkey dick after messing them up.I wish to advise any young Christian boy who wants to marry any girl ,should lead the girl to bible to take oath that she has never crossed any Alhaji, or other class of a Muslem.
    Our girls,,,,…???

  5. Islam is a violent religion. Islam is the problem humanity has. Eradicate islam,the world will be at peace. God save us from this muslims. They are so wicked that I think islam is a religion of satan.

  6. Wonders shall never end! My problems with must of northern muslim is that, they always called christian Arna (Non believer) but the same time follow and sleep with Arna girls. Who is fooling who now?


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