5 Self – Limiting Beliefs And Ways To Change Them!

What we think about ourselves greatly impacts not only what we can do, but also what we can t do. Could your thoughts and beliefs be sabotaging your ability to succeed? Is it possible that you are subconsciously stopping yourself from achieving great things?

Here are five self-limiting beliefs that you need to ask yourself if you have; and, if the answer is yes, there are also ways to change them so that you promote yourself instead of defeat yourself:

1: I m not good enough
Have you ever felt like you don t have what it takes to do great things? Like you don t have the necessary qualities, education, experience, etc.? If so, you re probably being too hard on yourself.
Very few people start out doing something with complete and total qualifications. Usually it is a case of learning things as you go. Think of your work. You re more proficient now than the day you started, right? Well, the same is true in all areas of life so don t count yourself out just because you didn t start out mastering the skills required. The key to success isn t where you begin; it s what you do to make the end great.

2: I can t do it
While this one notion has been talked about over and over again, it still deserves being mentioned here. The more you believe that you re unable to do something, the more you ll make sure that you re right.
The only limitations you have are the ones you impose upon yourself. If you honestly think that you can t accomplish something, your brain wants to believe you so it accepts it as a reality, which is what it eventually
becomes. It s time to lose this word from your vocabulary because anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
That doesn t mean that it will be a success the first time you try it, though. It just means that as long as you have the desire and the perseverance to keep moving forward, the world is an open door just waiting for you to walk right in.

3: I won t succeed so why even try?
What if your child was in danger? Would your response to seeing them face their imminent death ever be I won t succeed in saving them, so why even try? Of course it wouldn t. You would do everything within your power to save your child s life. Why? Because you want it so bad you can taste it and you re willing to do whatever it takes to save their life. The same passion and drive applies to other areas of your life. Certainly, you may not have the same urgency as a life-saving event, but if you tell yourself that failure is not an option then you have to

4. Someone else will do it so won t have to
So many people are afraid to step up to the plate and be the first one to do something. When you re the first , you risk making the wrong choice and facing ridicule from those around you. So, instead of putting yourself out there, it s much easier to just sit on the
sidelines and see what happens. The problem with this way of thinking is that you re always a follower and never a leader. You never give yourself the opportunity to do great things because you re scared to.
Be the person that inspires others to act. Step up to help others when no one else does.

5. I m just one person so it doesn t matter
You see this sentiment in everything from voting to helping victims of disasters to even picking up a piece of liter on the streets. I m only one person so what I
do really doesn t matter in the big picture of life. I can t have that much of an impact. The question is, are you really foolish enough to believe that? Amazing things happen every day as a result of just one person doing something that no one else would, or
could, do. All it takes is one person to save another who is drowning or stuck in a house fire. One person can also come up with a revolutionary new cure to an age-old disease. Everything you do leaves your mark on this world and helps it become what it is. Do your part and make it the best it can be.
Realize your true potential and the world will be an amazing place all because you re in it.