7 Things Every Teenager Must Learn To Do Now

imagesteen1. Address others politely.
If your teen is eating out with friends, they NEED to know how to properly treat the wait staff. That means no leaving a mess for
the waitress.

2. Answer the Phone, Take a Message And Respond Courteously
Phone etiquette is slowing disappearing. But if your kid is old enough to be home alone, they should be old enough to handle the phone when it rings, answer the caller politely and give you the message.

3. Run a Load of Laundry
Your kids should be able to wash their clothings. Also, they should know the basics of separating lights from darks and how to run a washer and dryer. Your 14-year-old can manage it; trust me.

4. Cook a Basic Meal
It doesn’t have to be gourmet, but there’s no
reason a 13-year-old can’t make a basic soups and foods.

5. Write a Letter
Whether it’s a thank-you to Granny for the check or a cover letter for an essay contest, it should have a salutation and a signature.

6. Wash Dishes
Soap, water, scrub. How hard is that? If they have made a mess in the kitchen, they can clean that mess up.

7. Dress for different occasions
They should know what clothes to put on for different occasions, of course they need your supervision with this.

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