Abacha’s Daughter Blasts Prof. Wole Soyinka

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The daughter of the late former head of state General Sani Abacha, Gumsu Sanni Abacha today blasted African nobel laurete Proffessor Wole Soyinka on popular social media outlet twitter.

soyinka-and-abachas-daughterGumsu Sanni Abacha claims “Wole Soyinka is a “Mad Empty Professor that lives on bad mouthing his Motherland and continent for Dollar and euro!”

Fatima Gumsu Sanni Abacha is one of the daughters of the late General Sanni Abacha.



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  1. She does not have respect for elders…. she called an elder state man Mad…. she grew up with a silver spoon so she does not feel what the masses are feeling.. the show of shame in rivers state has caused all these on a renounced professor like Soyinka…… Does she need to be reminded about her her father wanted to turn these country to his personal property? she had better go back to her hiding cave……

    • She might be a little girl still answering her father’s name but that does not in any way discredit her opinion on ur so call Prof. Come to think of it, in wath way has “Prof” imparted on the lives of Nigerians other than being the originator of cultism/ confraternity which has given rise to militancy, mosob, Boko Haram N other demonic vices. Pls let the girl be.

  2. Naa wa! even people who shouldn’t be are talking! talking to prof himself wow! young lady as an African woman still bearing your father’s name this is not how to get noticed.

  3. Like Father like Daughter, u are only looking for more follower on twitter and cheep popularity. Your father force himself to get the same but die before his time so watch ur untamed mouth so u don’t join him untimely. Omo po bi Osan Jabo.

  4. Cant believe this insanity patient could open her wild mouth and talk after the shit her heartless father caused this country. I swear this girl needs to be castigated

  5. Devil comes in different forms but with the same mandate. Soyinka is not actually the best mouth to pass judgment, he started from pioneering school cultism with disguise of a good purpose but we can see how many students have been killed due to school cult clashes and intimidations. can satan ever do something good for you? he only makes you think so. Abacha was one of the enemies of our nation and so is Soyinka and Soyinka is more evil now because his invention is still destroying students lives.


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