Actress Meagan Good responds to critics over exposed chest


Sexy Hollywood actress Meagan Good was one of the main topics of discussion at the recently concluded BET Awards where our own Ice Prince walked away with the African trophy :)

Ok, back to the matter!! So actress Meagan Good put on a stunning and very revealing outfit for the BET gala night that had a lot of people shocked and asking the obvious questions.

The long blue stylish gown had a total revealing back and front view as you can see from the above photo and what made matters worse is that the actress had no bra on.

People were really shocked because Meagan is married to Seventh Day Adventist preacher, Devon Frankli and thought the cleavage baring, extremely low cut gown would be a slap to her husband’s face; but the Preacher didn’t seem to mind as he posed with a wide smile and took a smashing photograph with his wife.

Lots of criticism has been going on both online and on journals and Meagan decided that the best way to handle the situation was to post a comment from one of her fans on Instagram who saw nothing wrong in what the actress did.


P.S: Meagan Good and Devon were celibate 3 years during the engagement before they got married; at least that’s what she revealed days before their wedding!!!