Actress Mercy Johnson Replies Tonto Dikeh Insults with more work


Late yesterday, Nollywood actress and singer Tonto Dikeh took shots at fellow actress Mercy Johnson. Tonto’s rants were about Mercy Johnson returning to work barely 2 months after putting to bed.

However, Mercy Johnson didn’t seem to have time to even play around or throw words back at Tonto.

Mercy Johnson also went on Twitter but with a much different approach, read her tweets below: –



  1. Tonto de tonto, lol d singer indeed, child abuser(Wizkid) and corporate man hawker(iyanya n co). Jealousy rips ur heart all d way but pls dnt come closer to MJ wit ur wide open shoe(kpomo meat) mouth. Oh u wanna take her place in nollywood huh, Nay it aint gonna happen girl just hold on to ur shit place u at in dere cos u can’t b hu u r not. Pls pls pls remain tonto d actress n not a singer cos dat aint hu u r cos u r really disgustin.

  2. Remember M.I said sumtn,if u must chop,people must talk den everybody knows direction to ur BUS STOP,go MJ,if nobody talk about u den ure nobody,dnt mind dat duaf/big mouth tonto dike,we dey feel u lyk FORM,infact we want more of u

  3. @ Mercy my sister in-law, leave TOTO alone when she’s tired of getting all d plessure 4m sex toys she will buy herself a 60 yrs old man for a husbd. Just get bak to wok $ continue maki year cool money. We dey ur bak carry waka nothg do u.

    • Mama purity u too much! jst giv us wht we dsarve n hey; tak gud kia of ur family dvorse shuld b d lst tin on ur mind, baby oku is bck 4rm america. i beg cntinue 4rm whre u stped. tonto tatoo banner u beta grab smeting realy presentable o!

  4. Dias a diff btw som1 dat does it 4 d cash nd 1 dats got it inbuilt. Acting is MJ nd MJ is acting. Foolish Tonto as ur name sound,pls get a life ,fast,pray nd tithe so God can reason ur matter nd stp admiring MJ my 1 nd only role model.

    • Why are you trying to side tonto or toto? That has no forcus? Abeg if you dont want take your own insult or if u dnt hv anytin useful to share KEEP QRT, menene sunanka? April? If u like be july or feb but dont be april fool.

  5. Pls enough of the insult am feeling bad for tonto,stop taking sides mercy is no better actor than tonto they are both playing their roles well if they are beefing each oda thats their problem. I dont know why people hate tonto dis much she’s a pretty gir

  6. MJ……. Any time i call ur name ehh, hmmmm i dey feel like Nelson Mandela.. No mind Tonto way small pikin sense dey worry her. I wan ask na musician she be abi na actress???? So if person dey waka see u make e jus dey shout HIGH HIGH HIGH…for waiting nah??? Wen MJ@mummypurity dey dere…if i were u ehh, i will jus zip my ganda mouth…

  7. Mj no mind tonto she is a prostitute. She no get life. When tonto started singing luk at the way corpse plenty for cemetery. Her voice be lyk person wey done suffer for years. Mj continue with ur style I dey gbadun am

  8. Mj no follow that bastard daughter of a thousand fathers talk jst dey luk am silence is the best answer for a fool lyk tonto dikeh. U no get career at all tonto. U no get brain wey u dey use think at all…mtcheeeeeeeew.

  9. i can imagin tonto sorry, tooto dike went and beg wizkid for sex….nd u av d gods to talk to my lovely, elegant, pretty, cute,..wat again wil i use to class my beautiful MERCY JOHNSON..TOTO mind urself oooo, go nd marry ooo

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    • There is nothing going on with these two. The problem is that people have too much time in their hands looking for who to insult. I was at one end of phone conversation with one of those ladies as they were laughing at you guys wasting your time blabbing. ”
      Is this not the reason why they are on TV while you sit on your couch everyday watching?”. Tonto and Mercy dont worry about folks, stay good friends. God bless you.

  11. Luk sincerely speaken i dot lyk wat u people re sayin, d way u talk as if u re perfect, jst b a celeb lets c weather people ll nt hv sum tin to say abt u. No 1 on earth is perfect, we all hv our gud & ugly ascept. Even in our home we do hv mis-understanding, even fight. So wat re we sayin? Who is nice or perfect? Is a normal tin 4 actress to hv biff wit 1 anoda, after dey ll still settle & b in gud terms. Stop takin sides, stop d abusives words. Tonto is dis, she’s dat. U dat kno how to abuse, & kno who is gud or bad’ who do u realy tink u re? Re u married? If yes, is it d only person u hv slep wit? Luv dosen’t matter abt age. Or who even recognise u in 9ja? Whre hv u ever bin to? Luk at people dat hv loud & basket mouth, abusin anoda person’s mouth. Luk bcuz am nt perfect i luv both mercy & tonto, dey re d best, very pretty, talented / distinguish ladys of nollywood industry. Tanx.

  12. Mercy Love, pls mind not dat for seeking Idiot, dat calls her self TONTO or whatever, she just been jealous of you and ur blessings, Mumu TONTO, have u finish messing ur self up with DRUGS, pls MJ silence is best answer to that fool Dwarf monkey TONTO. My mercy every body loves u very, very much, but i love u MOST. U are so wonderful. Pls dear just whatever u are doing ur HUSBAND FIRST dat means ur MARRIAGE FIRST, “well I trust u baby” i know u make a good loving wife. Take-care my regards to Baby Purity.Luv U. pls, pls i wish to be ur friend. This is my number 08038605906. Chinyere Eweni from Anambra State.

  13. Will you all please leave tonto alone? Without people like Tonto this life will be too boring to live. By the way did Tonto tell you she was looking for a husband? Abeg make una leave that girl alone.

  14. Swt angle. U hv said it all but MJ Is my role model in career sha. why ar u people talking lyk dis. Even twist do had misunderstanding. U ar Nt god 2 jeouge some 1 of his or her sin tym n chance happening 2 them all. If mercy is marry 2day dose nt mine tat tonto will nt marry HABA. She is nt d first person tat is nt married n she is nt going 2 be d last person in the beginning god made them male n female she will definitely fined her own. Age dose nt count in lv Plc we should nt used other peoples progress 2 sin against GOD. MJ & TD I lv u all
    N u people ar doing a great wrk keep it up try n settle wht ever is between d both of u ok

  15. dear MJ pls wat so eva tonto might be doin dnt mind ha, later on she wil realise ha mistakes nd tonto shud also amend ha ways nd stp bein arogant u both got talents pls tonto respect ur name,u both er beutiful nd 1daful nd also talented.luv u both.

  16. Mama purity,i was nd will always lyk u,even frm d beginin of ur carrier no matter wat tonto does, u’ar always 3 steps ahead, concentrate on been a mother and an actress, nd forget still searchn, no one cn take me away as your fan. Stay bless M.J

  17. MJ u wil forever be ma super actress,mi love u gan,I love d way u speak,u are dis woman that gat love for everybody#thumbsup#@Tonto I love u too,mi no dey criticise person,nobody holy pass….just be ya real self…Tonto +Mercy let love flow … matas most#emagbayi#

  18. Why una de waste una time de talk? Abi you no see her name? Person wey them born name am TOTO later im add ‘N’ to make am TONTO.Na every man wife, small, big, sane and insane. Na who go marry am. Abi you want carry trouble?

  19. Mercy johnson calm down a saying said dat if a child does nt respect a king he will never become a king…mercy u av done a lot in our nollywood 2day u ar a queen in nolly wood tonto is a child see as she running round wit no distination in mind she is only gud 2 be sexed but not gud 2 b married…..I hail my footballer MIKEL OBI for hw sharp he proved…MERCY JOHNSON I respect u…u ar my model

  20. If u say u hv no spot u lie nd cal him a liar, pls advice both nt speaken as a judge who made u a judge ovr d both. pls pple shuld no dia spot b4 calimg others name, even most of u who gv insult r worst than tonto. pls talk wisly at pple.

  21. Tonto dike abeg no mind all those people dat re callin u name,pls pals u guys to leave d to ladys to settle dat fight,i belive dat God wil help,back to M.J pls forgive tonto if she hv made u angry in anyway,mama purity hw is ur family greet ur children for me