[Advice Needed] All She Demands Is Money, Does She Loves Me At All?

Dear Tee,
I don’t know if she loves me for me or for my money. The only time she calls me is when she needs money. She does not care about me neither does she visits me, she only call to demand for money which I always give. I don’t think she is serious about the relationship, advice please!


Dear AK,
I think you should ask her what she is up to. Tell her you’re not happy that she does not care about you and that you need her attention as well. If she does not change her attitude, then you can walk away as relationship should not about how much a guy can give his girl.

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  1. se u be her ATM or u no get any gud tin u dey use ur own money for? i know u dey give her the money just to buy her love or her pussy, if not, wen u no be mumu, how cum a girl go dey order you around as if 2 say na u be her bank manager? Na how u come meet sef abi sha maybe u don do something bad wey make she dey blackmail una