[Advice Needed] Can I Buy My Ex-Girlfriend A Birthday Present?


Dear Tee,
I am 26 years old and I am dating a beautiful angel. We are really in love and she adores me, but she is not comfortable with my ex girlfriend. My ex-girlfriend’s birthday is next week and she has been asking me to buy her a gift. Now, I am confused here because my girlfriend must not know about it…. What should I do?

Dear MK,
Your girlfriend is not comfortable with your ex, why should you continue to chat with her and all that? An ex is an ex, let her go!!!! Your girlfriend would not be happy if she finds out about buying a gift for your ex and she would even start to feel there is something going on between you two, save yourself the stress and do not buy any gift for your ex….
Concentrate on your girlfriend and let go of your ex.
All the best,

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