[Advice Needed] He Has Not Asked Me To Be His Girl, But We Always Have A Romance! Does It Mean We Are Dating Already.

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Dear Tee,
I am in love with this guy….. We are so close and I visit him regularly. Often, we kiss and have a hot romance, but no sex! However, this guy has not ‘officially’ asked me to be his girlfriend or lover. Should I take it that we are dating?


Dear Mabs,
Its high time you stopped having a romance with him, he is just your friend. I think he is seeing you as the ‘friend with the benefits’. Pull away from such acts and keep it on a friendship level. If he is interested in you becoming his girlfriend, he would tell you…. Never ever assume! And how sure are you that he does not have his own girlfriend. Flee, do not be used!


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  • Pls i have a boyfriend whenever i ask him of money he will say he dont have, sometime if i ask him of money to make my hair he will not give me complent,should i stop asking him of money or what do u advice, if he want to call it will just be one in a week. Advice me on what to do pls.

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