[Advice Needed] He Is Rich But Very Ugly. I Don’t Know If I Should Date Him Or Not! Please Help.

images (8)Dear Tee,
There is this rich guy that has been asking me to date him. I see signs of seriousness in him, he even said we would get married by December if I give him a positive response. The only issue is that this guy is ugly although he is wealthy. I can’t even imagine kissing his lips…. He is just too ugly. What should I do?

Dear AJ,
It all depends on what you want. If you feel you are not attracted to him physically, then you should probably tell him ‘no’, but if you feel you don’t mind his looks, then you are good to go into the relationship.
Looks doesn’t really matter, because with time, beauty would fade. All would remain is the friendship and love you had from the start and that would keep you guys going.
So, you have to decide about what you really want. If looks are a priority to you, then you should not date him as you would still dump him when you get someone who you are attracted to and that would not be fair to him.
Wish you the best,

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