[Advice Needed] I Am In Love With Her but She Is Richer Than I Am. What Should I Do?

Honestly, she has the best of everything…. She is my colleague and I am in love with her. She has a good car to herself, but I don’t have any. I still depend on my parents for money and all that. My friends said she is a “no-go-area”, but I am tormented each day by her love, what do I do?

D – One

Dear D – One,
I understand you are somehow intimidated by her riches, its only normal as a man…. However, if your feeling towards her is genuine, nothing stops you from telling her how you feel. A relationship isn’t about the money you can offer to a lady, as most men think….. A woman believes in a man with visions and a future….. So, get up and go tell her how you feel about her.
All the best,

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  • Dude, I advise you to step up your game. How will you go and confess your love to a woman when u are still depending on your parents for money!! I know money isn’t all that matters in a relationship but at least be fully independent b4. U go and start taking care of someone else..finally sha! Life is too short!! If the lady is a nice babe there is no harm in telling her how you feel cos no one knows how she would react but you really need to step up your cash levels!!

  • that is always the case but, if u really love her go for her but, if for her money u are completly finished dont be decieved by what u see.

  • Wat up dear u’ave make a wright decision a song was sang this way dat,if u love a girl walk up to her and tell her hw much u love her.bt if for her money remember dat d love of money is d root of all evil.shalon Dear.

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