[Advice Needed] I Found Out He Is Married and I Am Heartbroken! What Should I Do?

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Dear Tee,
I met him online and we were always chatting. He told me he is single and we started dating. He sends me money and gifts regularly. Last month, he came all the way from Minna to see me in Ibadan. Yesterday, I called his phone number, only for a woman picked up the phone and identified herself as his wife. This has made my heart shattered as I was already planning to get married to this man. His phone has been switched off since then. What should I do?

Dear May,
I am sorry about what happened. But its high time you stepped back. I know how you feel right now, but then on the other side, you should be glad that you know about it now. It would have been the biggest blow if you had already married him and you find out….. So girl, pull yourself together and move on! Its time to let go of the heart break and see life on a positive side again…. He isn’t for you, trust me. You should exercise patience and know that all disappointments are blessings!
All the best,

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