[Advice Needed] I Gave Her The Ring, But She Messed It All Up!!! What Should I Do?

Dear Tee,
I have been engaged to this girl for two years. I gave her the ring. Lately, she started to tell lies, I never doubt her….until I found out that she has been sleeping with a guy she just met. She confessed that she had to hide the ring from the new guy. Nobody sees my heart, but I am crying deep within. What should I do?


Dear DG,
I am sorry about this, I can understand what you are going through now. Anyway, if she asks for your forgiveness, you should forgive her, because everyone deserves a second choice…. But if you feel you can’t live with it, if the memories would continue to shatter your heart, it is better to let go of her. If you would not be able to trust her any longer, there is no need for the relationship again. However, now isn’t the time for decision making because you are still hurt, now is the time to heal and forgive…..
All the best,

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