[Advice Needed] I Have Been Experiencing Long Menstrual Flow, What Do I Do?

frightened galHello Tee,
I am 23 years old and I am a virgin. I have issues with my period, it has not been regular since I started menstruating. I have seen different doctors and I have taken lots of pills to correct this defect, some of d doctors said it is normal and that nothing is wrong with me… Fine!
I have been experiencing long menstrual flow for nearly a month now. I saw a doctor and he gave me drugs, he said if the flow continues I should report to him so that they can wash my womb. I have read about prolonged menstrual flow online and the solution there are scary. But now , I am worried that if I do anything about it, I won’t be able to have children. Please, what do I do?

Dear Nao,
I am sorry about what you ate going through. But then I don’t think you have a big issue like that since you are a virgin and have not been exposed to drugs that damage wombs. Your prolonged menstrual flow could be as a result of hormonal changes which is common in all women. I advise you see a gynaecologist, doctors who are really into this kind of thing. You should see one in a general hospital in any part of Nigeria. Please don’t just see any doctor, it could get complicated, see a good doctor from a recognised hospital. Dear, do not be scared, nothing is going to happen to your womb, you are a virgin for crying out loud. All is going to be fine, but make sure you see a doctor.
Wish you well,