[Advice Needed] I Have Emotional Feelings For My Niece, What Should I Do?

Dear Tee,
Although she is my niece, but I have feelings for her. I am 21 years old. We talk a lot and I tell her deep things I don’t tell anyone. She is a very beautiful girl, and she is 20 years. Can I tell her how I feel? Should I have an intimate relationship with her? I am so much in love! Tee, please advice me!

Dear Omo,
I like to say you might be ‘in lust’ and not ‘in love’ with her as you claimed. You are relatives and you should keep it that way. Work on your mind, keep your mind off thoughts of her…. You can also keep some distance to help you quickly get over the feeling. Make other good friends that you can talk to, discover what you love doing and do them.
All the best,

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