[Advice Needed] “I Won’t Give You My Attention Any Longer,” My Boyfriend Told Me. What should I Do?

Dear Tee,
My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years now. Recently, he told me that he won’t be calling me frequently again because of his busy schedule. He said he needs to achieve some certain goals before anything and I so much cherish attention. I am confused! Is he trying to leave me? Should I look for someone else?

Dear Anonymous,
Well, he might be going through some things that he needs to sort out…. Also, there is a probability that he wants to leave you because most guys are not always courageous to tell their girlfriends that it’s over, they prefer to show it by their actions….. Most won’t say it in words.
Either way, I think you should just lay low and watch what he does…. Keep calm and watch the way he treats you…..once you see the signals that he is not calling or caring about you, I think you should move on with your life… however, moving on with your life doesn’t mean jumping into the next relationship.. you would need time to get over him and settle for someone who is better, someone who would not see you as an hindrance to the goals they want to achieve, someone who would make time for you even in their daily busy schedule.
Wish you the best.

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