[Advice Needed] My Boyfriend Does Not Give Me Attention, But He Cares A Lot About Other Girls. What Should I Do?

other girls

Dear Tee,
My boyfriend keeps a lot of girls, and he claims they are just his friends. If one is not visiting, one is sleeping over in his house. it is either he is taking one out for lunch or he is taking another girl to the beach. This is really amazing and the funny thing is he barely have time for me! What should I do?


Dear Angie,
Have you talked to him about it? If you have not, then you should tell him you crave his time. However, if he refuses to change, then you should take a break. Honestly, every girl needs a man who would give him his attention……. Just talk to him about it first and see if he makes amends. If he doesn’t, chances are you are just one of his girls and not his only girl….
Wish you well,

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  1. First come nearer to him with a good mind try see whether u can kow his problem the fault is from u


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