[Advice Needed] My Boyfriend Is Addicted To Smoking Weed, What Should I Do?

images (15)Dear Tee,
My boyfriend is addicted to smoking weeds. Although he has some issues he is dealing with and he tells me smoking makes him restful, I don’t see any reason to start smoking weed. I have talked to him about it, but he would not stop! I am about to walk away from this 2 year relationship. I need your advice.

Dear HJ,
I am sorry about this. Since your boyfriend is having some issues, I think you should tell him to see a counsellor who would help him, since you have helped him in your little way by talking to him. I think you should do your best to help him out of this condition, then if he is not willing to change, you can walk away.
But you should make sure you offer help before you call it quit.
Hope this helps,

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