[Advice Needed] My Boyfriend Won’t Stop Demanding For Money From Me. Please help!

Dear Tee,
My boyfriend won’t stop demanding for money from me. He always wants to buy one phone or the other. Last month, I bought him a new laptop…. He is asking for money to buy a car. Fine, he is not working, but I am working! I feel he is extorting me, what should I do?

Dear HighJ,
Its a good thing to help your partner. However, if he would always ask for money to buy irrelevant things, then I think you should watch it! Stuffs like cars are things that can still wait, its not something he should be demanding money for from you…. Not saying you can’t buy him a car, but he should not be the one that would be demanding for it. I think you should deny him this money this time and see what his reaction would be…. If he loves you for your money, then you would see him flare up for denying him the money.
All the best,

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