[Advice Needed] My Fiance Does Not Want Me To Talk To My Baby And His Daddy. What Should I Do?

Dear Tee,
I had a baby in my senior secondary school 1 in 2004. I passed through hell because the guy was not ready. When the baby became a year old, I took him to his father’s mom in, so that I would be chanced to move on with my education. Well, the guy and his people never really cared about me that much. Right now, I am about rounding up my HND program in a polytechnic where I met another man who lectures there, he proposed to me and I agreed. Suddenly, the father and family of my son started calling and disturbing me, saying they want me back. I think their reason is because I am almost a graduate now. The problem now is my fiancé gave me rules that I should stop communicating with them and my child, he also told me to change my phone number which I did. At any little misunderstanding, he threatens to break up the relationship. Please Tee, am I on the right track?
Dear ,
Your fiancé is only reacting to your baby daddy’s phone calls and the fact that his family wants you back. Any serious guy would feel jealous and threatened with that. Its now your duty to assure him that you chose him and you are going to stick with him. However, I don’t support his idea of you not talking or communicating with your child, your child needs you dear…..he really does. If he feels you are going to have something to do something with your baby daddy, then you should take up your child from his dad’s family and start looking after him yourself…..with this, he would not feel upset because there would not be a reason to visit your baby dad’s family. Above all, give him reasons to trust you and let him know you have made up your mind that you really want him and not your baby daddy……
Wish you well,


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