[Advice Needed] My Girlfriend Has Unbearable Mouth Odour, What Should I Do?

Dear Tee,
My girlfriend and I has been dating for 3 months….. Yes, she is quite pretty and attractive, but the issue is she has unbearable mouth odour. I have denied her kisses many a time, all because of this mouth odour thing. What should I do?

Dear Olami,
I think you should sit her down and let her know, she isn’t a stranger, she is your girlfriend! However, you should be careful in the way and manner you present it to her… You should tell her how beautiful she is and all that, then tell her you think she should take more care of her breath… You should go with her to a dentist, who would recommend the ideal treatments for such. Yea, she would feel embarrassed and all that, but then she would understand how much you care.
All the best,

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