[Advice Needed] My Husband Started Coming Back Home Late At Night, What Should I do?

worryingDear Tee,
Suddenly, my husband started coming to the house late at night. He gets drunk and would not be able to eat meals I prepare. He was not like this in times past! Please, what should I do?

Mrs AJ.

Dear Mrs A.J.
I am sorry you are going through right now. Your husband needs your care and attention right now. Don’t push him away! There are probably things he is going through…. You can pick a weekend when he does not go to work and have a talk with him. Communication is vital! He might not open up at first, but be patient with him and love him the more with all of your heart. Don’t nag him to complicate the issues. Go out of your way just to make him happy and make your home a better place to be for him. With these, he would feel comfortable to talk to you about what is happening.
Wish you well in your marriage,

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