[Advice Needed] My Mother Won’t Allow Me To Get Married To Him Because He Is Not Rich!!

worryingDear Tee,
My mother said I cannot marry my fiance who I have been engaged to for five years. Yes, he is still hustling, but my mom does not understand, she said he won’t be able to take care of me. I love him so much, what do I do?

Dear Olly,
I think you should let your mother understand that you believe in him and with time, things would get better. You should also tell her that you are happy with him and that really means a lot to you. You shouldn’t marry people because of their money, you should marry because you really want to be with them.
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  • Your mom obviously has a point, as she truly does not want you to suffer poverty in marriage. But, it is your life which you have to live. You are to determine if you truly love your fiance, and want to be his wife despite his financial state. The truth about life is that a rich husband may become poor, while a poor husband may become rich. What matters in marriage is happiness. Some rich couples live an unhappy married life, while some poor couples live a happy life. So what you need at the moment are the fear of God and your strong personal conviction to live your future as you want, not as your mom wants. So appreciate her concern, and speak to her respectfully in an understanding manner, and tell her that you are aware of the risks of marrying your poor fiance but, God will see you through. He could be rich tomorrow, even though richness is truly a state of the mind!

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