[Advice Needed] Our Workplace Forbids Lovers To Get Married! Please Help!

Dear Tee,
Its an organisation where we are not allowed to marry if we work in same place….if lovers work in same place and want to get married, then one person has to resign. My fiancee and I work in this organisation. Infact, this is what has been keeping us from getting married because none of us want to lose our job…. You know how hard it is to get job these days. Now, we are up to getting married secretly without our organisation’s knowledge. Should we go on?


Dear FD,
This is a situation where you can’t eat your cake and have it. You have to adhere to the set rules made by your organisation if you are keen on getting married truly…. It is always the best to do the right things…. One of you would actually need to resign and your organisation would respect you for your truth and sincerity. What if you get married secretly and your organisation gets to know later? I think that would lead to loosing at both ends. Do the right thing!
All the best,

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