[Advice Needed] She Used To Be My School Mother, But Now I Love Her!! Can I Marry Her?

I am a young man of 26 years old. There is this lady that happened to be someone I refer to as my school mother but she never liked it. Anyway, after I graduated, I started loving her but she was dating another guy. Along the line, they broke up and I told her I have affections for her, she also said she loves me. Later on, she told me her age and I got worried about it because she is way older than I am. Now, I see us talking, chatting and even discussing the future together and she even treats me with respect. Now, d question is can I marry her?

Dear Anonymous,
You didn’t inform me how old the lady in question is, but then I think its al about you. If you think you can cope with the age difference, without minding what anybody would say about it – be it your families, your friends or the society, then you are good to go. If you would not be proud of her as your wife, then it’s a NO, NO! So, it’s all about you….. think about it deeply. What do you want? Go for it!
All the best,

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  1. Of course u can marry her,once there is love nothing is stoping u,am in your shoe presently and we av been dating her for 5years now she gives me a lot of respect and I also respect her as well,she is gonna be my wife soon,so my brother just follow your heart