[Advice Needed] She Was Just A Fling, Now She Wants Me To Dump My Girlfriend! What Should I Do?

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Dear Tee,
We both have our partners but we like each other. So, we decided to have a fling. Her boyfriend caught her and broke up with her, now she is blaming me for making her to cheat on her boyfriend. She is also telling me to dump my girlfriend whom I love dearly and become her own boyfriend. I don’t like this girl as such, but she would not understand she is just a fling.
Please, advice me.

Dear Ola,
Its a bad idea that you decided to have a fling with another girl, knowing you have a girlfriend who you claim to love. Anyway, I think you should come out clean and clear to the “fling”. Also, you should cut all sort of communication with her and get far away from her so that she would know you are not joking. Be careful not to get involved in casual relationship again, learn from this.

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