Baba Suwe: “Pay me my money” – Baba Suwe Takes NDLEA To Supreme Court


Baba Suwe has shown that he won’t easily back down. After the Court of Appeal in Lagos had over-turned the decision of the Lagos High Court to award him N25 million, Babatunde Omidina aka Baba Suwe has decided to fight back as he takes the case to the Supreme Court of Nigeria to challenge the Court of Appeal ruling.

High Justice Yetunde Idowu had ordered NDLEA to pay N25 million to Baba Suwe as compensation for detaining him for several days over false allegation of drug trafficking; weeks later, the Court of Appeal slammed the judgement saying it erroneous, oppressive and superfluous.

Now, to the final stretch, Baba Suwe through his lawyer, Bamidele Aturu, prayed the apex court to allow the appeal, set aside the decision of the Court of Appeal and affirm the decision of the trial court.

He contended that the Court of Appeal erred when it held that that exhibits I-VI (results of scan tests) were legally inadmissible.

Baba Suwe added that that there is no law that stipulates that an applicant who seeks compensation for the violation of his or her right should have been detained for one year to be entitled to compensation.