BBA Winner Karen Igho Searching For Mr Right


We have all grown to love the outspoken media personality Karen Igho ever since she won Big Brother Africa, Season 6. It seems like the BBA star is looking for Mr. Right as she took to twitter to do some self advertising.

Here is what she tweeted.

@karenigho @Karen_Igho

I have been single for a while now lol time to start going on dates.

@karenigho @Karen_Igho

In my Mid 20s.

I’m young smart,sexy,fine,God fearing and loaded.

What do you think, could she be joking?


  1. After showing the world your naked body and allowing different men to romance your privates in the name of a game show now you want men to come and propose abi? What you must understand is that african men are egotistical and don’t appreciate women like you….e go hard. Except if you hook up wit an oyinbo man or an african man who has never known his roots or values as an african man. Goodluck sha, money isn’t everytin my dear….now you clearly see family is best. Pray also you don’t fall into a gold diggers hands,he will use you for ur money and marry a more conservative girl. I suggest you re-invent your self as a woman,,,and this goes for all ladies, wen you do ur bussiness and get serious wit your life men will naturally notice you, don’t force it or try to woo them, we men always wanna think girls who try to woo us are cheap and do same wit other men…be friendly at best but don’t show you are tryin to get attension, be hard to get but know wen to give in…avoid premarital sex at all cost!!!!!!!, and if the man tells you he wants you for date,,,ask him from day 1 what are his plans! If he says he wants sex tell him NO! Sex is after marriage!! SIMPLE, if he is a playa he will run away….fast fast…most importantly PRAY TO GOD about it!!!! Bcos even wen you think you’ve got all the requirements we men can be so stupid at times…