Bishop Arrested For Raping 15-Year-Old Girl In Rivers

Chairman of All Bishops in Rivers State, Bishop Chibuike Nwabueze, who was arrested for allegedly raping a 15-year old girl, was paraded, yesterday, by the state Police Command.

NPFThe Bishop, who confessed to the crime before newsmen, said he was hypnotised, adding that he was set up by the pastor of the church where the incident occurred.

He denied raping the underage girl, but admitted that she removed her clothes after he finished praying for her in the office and before he could shout ‘the blood of Jesus,’ he was already all over the girl.

The Bishop said he was set up by his fellow Bishop, who was also contesting for the post of Chairman of All Bishops in the state with him.

Nwabueze, who was paraded at the Rivers State Criminal Investigation department, SCID, Port Harcourt, said anybody could have fallen a victim of what happened to him.

He described as untrue, allegation that he made the girl abort a pregnancy from the incident. According to him, it was the girl’s father that did it but he took care of of the bill.

He said: “We have different Colleges of Bishops. I am the Chairman of Communion of Bishops in Rivers State. Well, what actually happened was a set up. It was set-up by my enemies. The man who is in-charge of where I went to minister is my enemy. He is the person that set me up.

“He invited me to his church for a programme and afer the programme, he set me up because of what we are dragging. We are dragging the chairmanship of the communion and that was why he set me up. But to my greatest surprise, on the said day and after I had prayed for her, the girl started  pulling off her clothes and  before you knew it, I had carnal knowledge of her.”


  • For God sake why should bishop has an enemy and you know him to be your enemy and still attend his program well the girl has the final say after that if the girl has been set up to work against the anointed of God the wrath will be upno her are the same time you don’t punish man of God because no matter what he did punishing him is to your own hurt i have said my own don’t talk against the anointed.

  • mumu bishop,thats what must of them do in their churches,there was notyn lyk set up,unless if he is d 1 that set himself up 2 enjoy the gurl.

  • The word of God said touch not my anoiting and do my prophet no harm. If the girl are being used to up a man of God she is curse for ever.

  • The so called bishop is α big fool, he was †ђe person who setup himself. She pulled her cloth αη∂ Ɣσu ђα√ξ sex Wĩ†ђ her αη∂ you’re claiming Ɣσu were set up. Did you’re fellow so called bishop dragged your prick into her?

  • Shame on this Bishop since he cannot clip to his wife alone, if he want to satisfy his sexual desire let him marry more wives, Islam provide the solution to his problems but dey re stil accusing it, there is no religions book on the earth that says marry women of your choice but if u cannot do justice among them “marry only one” u claim that Christianity only allow one wife, were those it say so, If any one can quote a verse for me that says “marry only one” in the whole bible I want to hear it. this is not the first one many of them engage there selves in such activity, and they claim to be men of God instead they are men of the Devil…

    • Dats a very untrue and foolish ans.r u trying to tell me that islam men despite their multitude of wives do not go outsIde?u knw that’s long as they r men they will faLl for the same tin,weda islam or christain.and actually in the bible God create one woman eve for Adam with one rib.God did noT collect 4 ribs and create 4 eves.4 wives my ass.

  • If u are cald by God. God must shorly give His power 2 over cum ur enemies. This Deliverance n Counciling shld b doin it in open place nt inside room or hiding place.

  • I over heard dis kind of cases, pastors commitin adultries. About setin him up its a lie. Child abuse 15yrs old girl. Smh. And u’ll stand there on the stage preachin, wat r u preachin them? How to commit adultry too? His followers be wise…

  • Well, there is no setup there just accept the fact that you were moved from the very moment you set your eyes on that young lady. Only GOD will vindicate cos he’s de best JUDGE that ever lives

  • I think we have too many bishops and pastors and some need to be removed because on them are not called to be a man God. This ones who falls are not to be called man of God.

  • In response to ur question,this is d answer: I Timothy 3:2 & 12.
    ‘A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife………’
    ‘Let the deacons be husbands of one wife,ruling their children and their houses well.’
    In other words, d Bible strongly kicked against second wife except in cases of death. D bishop should ask for God’s mercy.

  • Judge not so that you won’t be judge 4give so that you will be 4give……God alone knows who is telling the truth…he sees in light and in darkness….he will judge the living and the dead according to their deed…..anointed man of the most high God God alone will judge him

  • Is there any proof for this act? If there is no one please let him go. He is also a man like u all just that he is a man of God, facing lots of temptation. “Touch not my anointd and do my prophet no harm”.

  • you all are criticizing the man cos he’s a man of GOD,he’s just man like you and not a superman,please allow him alone for GOD to george.some of you sleep your mum,your sisters cos u were not caught and here your making jest of a man of careful except you have no sin in you.

  • The Alhaji that paid a girl to suck the penis of a monkey has four wives and yet went for fifirth woman.the said Alhaji had Sex with the girl before sending her to the gallows.The Said Bishop must have had consent of the girl before that job, but may be He may have stepped on the toes of his enemies.In Islam ten to eighteen years girls are married and wedded.I however do not support such act in Chrietian circle but no one is infallible except GOD.

  • @roteh abraham father of faith married two wives, jacob father of isreal and so many prophet of God that are most loyal and faithful ti him still nothing happen, It is written in that marry two or morte wives if only you can do equal among them but let me tell you no one can do it because it is only allah that can do things equally without been bias. The only solution is that one should be contended with what we have period

  • I know this so-called bishop very well. His office is at rumuodara,off east\west road,we have offices in the same plaza. I have always wondered how this man ever became a bishop,because his lifestyle is totally unworthy of a man of God,much more a bishop. He sleeps with little girls dat sell groundnut and garden egg on d road,he harrasses his staff sexually,he is proud and just generally nt worth to be called a man of God. But God is merciful to forgive,if he can truly repent of his sins. He has confessed to committing the act,so now he must face the law and pay for his actions.

  • If truely its a setup, my question is did u comply to ha rquest. U’v hav shown it to the whole world dat u jst cnt resist it abi? Is Bcos u ar use to it. Am nt throwin the first stone bt dats d reality. Repent jst lik king david.

  • He who has no sin should cast the first stone.Touch not my annoited and do my prophets no harm thus says the LORD of host .Bishop is not GOD or CHRIST his son but flesh and blood like u and me tempt them not. For he is GODs annointed GOD bless

  • See your dirty mouth,Bishop my foot,thief,hypocrite,lucifer,nemesis have caught up with you,fake Bishop.

  • @ al ameen der is no scripture in d bible talked of one man n wife specifically but der is a blue print of tat in d book of Genesis with Adam (one man ) n Eve(one woman ) nt Adam n oda women

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