Canadian Man Survives Lightning Bolt; Buys Lottery Tickets Hoping His Good Luck Remains With Him


A Canadian man said the first thing he did after being struck by lightning last week was buy a lottery ticket in hopes his good luck would stay with him.

Nels Hansen of Prince George, British Columbia, said he experienced some tingling in his left arm and could not drop his charred umbrella for about 30 seconds, but was otherwise unscathed and figured he was on a roll.

“I actually bought a lottery ticket, actually times two, within 20 minutes,” Hansen told CBC News. “It was my first stop.”

Hansen was watching a ball game at a Prince George park Wednesday when rain moved in.

The next thing he knew, he heard a sizzling sound like water hitting a hot skillet.

“My whole hand lights up right here, and I’m like, ‘Whoa! I’ve been hit by lightning,'” he recalled.

Hansen’s friends on the field rushed to help and he was declared okay after being checked out by a doctor.

And even if the lottery fails to pay off, Hansen said he had a whole new positive outlook on life.

“Life throws you all this stuff — you just gotta ride it, man,” Hansen said. “I love it.”

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