Chairman AGN: “Funke Akindele’s Marriage Was Never Meant To Be”


The dust has settled on the issue of Nollywood actress Funke Akindele’s failed marriage; however Chairman of the Actors Guild of Nigeria FCT Chapter, Mr. Onwurah Agility has made remarks about Funke Akindele’s break-up from her husband, Mr Kehinde Oloyede.

He said:

“Marriage in Nollywood is not different from other marriages. But because we are the mirror of the society, the face of the screen and role models to many, if there is a problem in our marriage, it makes noise more than any other. There are many people in the industry that have been married for many years without separating……….What happened to Funke (Akindele) is unfortunate but like she said, may be they were not to be husband and wife and she has learnt her lessons. It could have been anybody…………The theory and stories that actors’ marriages don’t last are very wrong. I have been married for five years and still counting, likewise so many other actors in the industry,”.


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