Child Marriage: Senate’s Approach Grossly Insensitive – Northern Youths


Northern youths yesterday lashed out at the Senate, warning the lawmakers not to stir up the embers of religious war over a controversial legislation aimed at pegging official marriage age in Nigeria at 18.

The Senators had last week voted in favour of amending the Nigerian Constitution to set the marriage age at 18, a decision that was promptly challenged by former Zamfara governor, Ahmed Yerima, who described the decision of the lawmakers as anti-Islam.

Arewa youths asked the Senators to desist from taking action on the matter so as not to further heat up the polity along religious, ethnic and political lines and create avoidable cold war.

In a statement in Abuja, yesterday, president of the Arewa Youth Forum, Alhaji Gambo Gujungu, said the Senators had missed the point in amending the law and exposed themselves as people who were confused on what to do to justify their presence in the upper chambers of the National Assembly.

“The approach by the Senate to this matter shows how grossly insensitive and poorly equipped they are in the rudiments of legislative functions and totally insensitive to the critical challenges Nigerians are facing as a people,” the AYF leader said.

“The Senate must be told in plain terms since it has lost focus, that their core function as parliamentarians is not to debate, moderate or decide religions for Nigerians, or to divide Nigerians on Christian-Muslim basis or North and South factions.

“They must also be made to know that their function does not include breeding religious war from their politicization of the Constitution Amendment exercise but to make laws for peace, good governance, stability and indivisibility of the Nigerian Federation as contained in Part II, Section Four (1,2,3) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“The senators must be told that what Nigerians expect is basically principled oversight functions to address insecurity tearing the country apart, the increasing unemployment rate, collapse of health, education, agriculture and dilapidated infrastructure.

“Another expectation of Nigerians from the Senate is to address monumental corruption being perpetrated with impunity by elected public office holders and top government officials that has stifled Nigeria any meaningful development in Nigeria for decades.

“But we are sad to note that the Senate has been painfully reduced from that honoured pedigree to a mere religious moderation centre and place of petite issues that tend to divide the citizens along religious and ethnic lines and not an arm of government that should confront our national challenges.

The youths therefore warned the lawmakers to abandon the attempt to further instigate friction in Nigeria by ensuring that every Nigerian is allowed to practice their faith without harassment, limitation and intimidation.


  • Pls just help me tell them,there are more pressing issues than these…and they should be careful!!!the youths are not happy about these!!!!

  • What do you expect from the North other than threats, war, war, and violence? My question is, have they finished marrying their girls that are of age, or are they just looking for any reason at all to ferment trouble. The state has a duty to protect under aged girls until they attain the age of taking serious decisions especially, in area of marriage. Universally, it is 18 years. Developed countries that have great number of Muslims have enacted and are practicing these laws and they don’t see same as anti Islam.

  • why are the arewa youths angry about the decision, I thought the reason book haram is fighting is for an islamist laws in Nigeria? then they didn’t see anything wrong with it. the senate should forget that. these guys are marrying their daughters themselves.

  • Please shout it louder!!!! What’s all this bla bla bla in the forums of people of higher integrity, the supposed representatives of people displaying premature attitude. Please we have serious issues to look into.

    • How is he talking like an illiterate? You fool and immoralist, Your kind are the problems we have here in Nigeria. Idiot, rapist like you, how can you support those animals that want to sleep with there young daughters. Idiot.

  • The baberic attitude of sleeping with underage girls should not be welcomed in any religion that has the good of the people at heart. Come to see it, the rest of Nigerians are fighting for your poor girls that you impregnate and make pron to V V F. Common sence will not allow people from south,west or east to marry underage girls. Please help your doughters and the world.

  • Buhari said it all and we’ve seen it happen: if he loose election he’ll make Nigeria ungovernorable Boko haram sprang up to the task by killing innocent ppl.
    Those ppl are set of infidels that’s what they think abt us
    the earlier we divide the better for everyone lets see which individual nation will wage war on other nations bloody ingrates

  • As a South African living in Lagos…. how on earth can these barbarians even be making decisions?
    Children are not there to be traded like animals or child soldiers…. Get with the rest of the world Nigerian lawmakers and wannabe politicians. Instead of stealing and bribing and being corrupt, why not clean up and let Nigeria fulfill its potential…..

  • d problem we av in naija is corruption n is showing in every department in dis nation!!!!It only God dat can help us….

  • @babatee,wr has AYF gone wrong? Everithing d said here is d truth! Pls oversabi nigerian,d issue here is not religion nor bokoharam but our insensitive law makers,dat hv not train themselves to curtail dr incessant plea 4 sex,dr excesses but will just sit on dr stupid arse to vote 4 stupid,senseleSs laws dat can’t benefit anyone. One day,as d r under dat house,thunder & brimstone will hurl at them from heaven.soon & very soon! i pity 4 my unborn daughter! May HASHEM help us all

  • Most of the lagislators need in the house need psychiatrist to asses thier mental capability.other country are debating on how to improve their GDP, and those idiot are talking marriage.u better cut that ur overgrown penis out instead of damaging a child vegina.idiot of no comparism

  • Most of the lagislators in the house need psychiatrist to asses thier mental capability.other country are debating on how to improve their GDP, and those idiot are talking marriage.u better cut that ur overgrown man hood out instead of damaging a child vegina.idiot of no comparism

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