Controversial Wedding: Deeper Life Suspends Kumuyi’s Son And Wife

The Deeper Christian Life Ministry has suspended John Kumuyi, the second son of its General- Superitendent, Pastor W.F Kumuyi, over his controversial wedding in Jamaica.

John-and-Love-Kumuyi-300x336The report was contained in a video posted online on Tuesday.

Deeper Christian Life Ministry, renowned for its strict guidelines on the lifestyle habits of its members and conservatism, suspended John and his newly wedded wife, Love (Nee Odih), for organizing a flamboyant wedding in Jamaica that saw the couple using a Limousine and cutting a cake contrary to the church’s tradition.

More eyebrows were raised especially in the direction of the bride who was accused of using make-up and other flashy ensemble that accompanied a fitted wedding gown. The gown also had see-through sleeves; another breach of the church’s doctrine on conservative dressing.

Though the new couple, who got married on June 15, 2013, had written a letter of apology to the church and absolved Pastor Kumuyi of any blame, the apology was a little too late as it did not calm frayed nerves who were patiently waiting to see what action the church will take on the matter.

The couple stated in their apology, “We unreservedly and wholeheartedly state that we did not intend that our acts or omissions will, in any way, undermine the great works that God has done through the Deeper Christian Life Ministry worldwide and  more especially, through our Father in the Lord, the General Superintendent.

“We also use this medium to profusely and sincerely apologise to the General Superintendent for the embarrassment and heartaches our actions have caused him, more so that he had earlier declined to be at the events.”

But the Church, through one of its senior leaders, Pastor Philip Olowu during the Deeper Life’s monthly miracle and revival programme held at the Deeper Life Conference Centre (DLCC), Lagos-Ibadan expressway last Saturday, meted out its punishment to the couple in line with the church’s doctrine.

According to Pastor Olowu, “The church, Deeper Life, remains committed to the biblical practice and standard of almost 40 years Christian dressing and still remains and does not compromise on biblical Christian dressing.

“Hence, deviation warrants the displeasure and frown of God and the leadership of the church. John and Love are now under discipline,” he said.