Copenhagen’s Astrologer Predicts Everlasting Happiness For People Who Will Marry On September 7


Officials in Copenhagen, Denmark, said astrological charts show people who get married while Venus and Mars align next month will be happy forever.

The Copenhagen City Council said an astrologer put together a chart showing anyone who marries Sept. 7, when Venus and Mars are aligned, will have eternal happiness, The Copenhagen Post reported Thursday.

“The two planets represent the feminine and masculine energy in life and in marriage,” the city’s astrologer Karl Aage Jensen, wrote in the horoscope. “Both energies are strong on the day, so couples will benefit from getting married.”

Henrik Christoffersen, the head of research at liberal think-tank Cepos, criticized the city for its promotion of astrology.

“It is ridiculous,” he said. “A council is a community not a supermarket check-out line, and this is a complete leveling of values.”

Jorgen Christensen, the priest at Frederiksborg Church, agreed.

“If you believe in horoscopes, you accept superstition, and if we perform weddings at 10:35 a.m. on that day because of an astrological prediction, we are participating in superstitious behavior,” Christensen said.


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