Corruption In S’West ACN States Greater Than That By PDP – Fmr Buhari Spokesman Insists

southwest-ACN govsNational Publicity Secretary of the Pan-Yoruba Socio-political Organisation, Afenifere, Yinka Odumakin has stated that he ceased being the spokesman of former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari after the 2011 election.

Odumakin, in a statement made available to journalists yesterday noted that he stopped working with the national leader Presidential of the Congress for Progressive Change(CPC) after the ruling of the Supreme Court on the party’s election petition on the 2011 election.

He was responding to the CPC’s disclaimer on his personal views about governors of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) which were purportedly interpreted to mean those of Buhari.

The statement read: “My attention has been drawn to a statement in the media by the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) on my views published on a chat forum which was lifted by PILOT Newspaper and published in its edition of July 17, 2013.

“In the said view written under my name as I have done several years now, I stated that the corruption going on in the South West States under ACN is far greater than what we witnessed under PDP.

“I buttressed my point with the fact that where I dragged Mr. Alao Akala to EFCC in 2010 for asking each Local Government in Oyo state to award 5 kms of road at N250m to a particular contractor, a company linked to the ACN National Leader is collecting a kilometer of road at N1b each in the same region.

“The newspaper quoted me correctly but mistakenly referred to me as ‘Buhari Spokesman’ but never said I spoke for General Buhari.

“Perhaps the paper did not know that I ceased being Buhari’s media advisor shortly after the Supreme Court ruled on the 2011 elections which brought us together for a period of about 8 months.

“I had expected those who want to provide leadership for the country to read the publication they are reacting to before rushing to the media to ‘disown’ who they don’t own. I guess the desire to appease allies overrides this simple process.

“If they had done this due diligence they would have known that there was nowhere General Buhari was linked to my views.”


  1. Thanks a lot Mr Odumakin for d information! It’s very clear that you left Buhari in search of money bcos you can’t get d type of money you need from him. Buhari is known for his integrity. Pls note that d worst ACN gov’nor is better than d best PDP president!!! ACN projects are expensive but PDP did no project ßΰ‎​ђ embezzle everything. Your write up shows how shallow ur brain is, contracts in Nig are better awarded to competent Nigerians. You are in Nig when PDP govt awarded construction of Lag/Ibadan express to a Lawyer, when renovation of Mapo Hall was awarded to Baba Adedibu for N200m as against N40m by Ladoja. SW has not witnessed devt like this for d past 35years. May ur life and that of ur entire family witness devt has provided by PDP in d past years, Amen!!! If you can’t say a very loud amen then God will provide a permanent place for you in Aro Psy Hospital in Abeokuta for misleading d populace. We can see and feel devt we don’t need anybody to tell us. The masses are not bothered about who is d contractor but d quality of d job! Tinubu can be d contractor no problem. D question should be: Are they doing quality work? Yes! At what price? At d price far better than that of PDP! It’s crystal clear that d 2 years of Amosun is far better than 8 yrs of Daniel. Pls ask ur children at home if they are not dull heads like you. May your life be managed d way PDP manage SW in 8 yrs!

    • Olaleye, May God bless you! Dead of ACN is much more better than live PDP, Corruption has been in Nigeria system for many years, During the period of Great Awolowo we witnessed these kinds of development last, PDP has nothing to show with their massive looted in S/W. Big thanks to ACN o!!!!

  2. Olaleye kudos to u, am greatly disapointed by Odumakin if he can be thinking of shifting goal post to PDP, its obvious that Odumakin is kiling his personality gradualy. He also wants to have his share From Jonathan like Fasheun did. Odumakin am living in Osun state , come here and see wonders that has never happen in the history of Nigeria i.e free Ipad to 2ndry school students and uncountable capital intensive projects. Odumakin I beg u not to soil d name that u and ur good wife JOE has bn building for ur wards. pls don’t join PDP remain a progressive. be wise ooo.

  3. I tink we shud commend yinka odumakin for his guts in not being partisan. There is corruption in CAN. We can accept it or deny it. I know that truth stares at us conspicously. I am not here to say who is more corrupt,wether is PDP or CAN bt I tink as Nigerian wee shud know that he that must come to equity must come with clean hands. Its only then we can achieve the development we desire for ourselves and our progeny.

  4. @olaleye may ur flight be in winter. By talking 2 one of d most finest n honest man not only in south west bt in d whole nigeria our own yinka odumakin n his beautiful wife simply bcos he un vail d truth u dis idiot. N since u av decided 2follow that demonic tinubu n his hoodlums acn govs u n ur lineage wl always b a full 4ever ok u clown.

  5. Walahi! Pdp followers in s/w ‎​​Α̲̅я̩ε̲̣ shameless if not by now d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ should av nothing to say. Luk @ s/w state road network from Lagos to any part of s/w compare with federal road network. Since 99 ‎​​​Ђ♥̣̝̇ω many ACN govs as bn detained by EFCC ‎​​​Ђ♥̣̝̇ω many PDP look Akin or Ade Or what ever d name maybe don’t loose ur pride 4 Money. If masses can vote out pdp in Ogun state N with ACN 1st over bridge was just commission by ACN in Ogun since 99 pls let 4get who is d contractor N praise d good work done

  6. @olaleye may ur flight be in winter. By talking 2 one of d most finest n honest man not only in south west bt in d whole nigeria our own yinka odumakin n his beautiful wife simply bcos he un vail d truth u dis idiot. N since u av decided 2follow that demonic tinubu n his hoodlums acn govs u n ur lineage wl always b a fool 4ever ok u clown.

  7. Odumaking is a political neophyte,He knows,h
    e doesnt have a place in the emerging APC thats why he decends to campaign of calumny against my party.Odumaking is comparing a dual carriage road with walkaway,pedestrian bridge,street light ,not even minding the tickness of the alsphat and many more to local and adjoining roads which wash out just after a rain fall.Go and form your own party.ACN/APC FOR LIFE

  8. hehe I don’t know what to says statemate politician are enrich their pocket and people keep on debate on what is not real………it is time to wake up guys and let this polician know that we are living in suffering and smiling era like great fela sung….nope light, adequate road and security and unemployment…..niger guys wake up from your slumber

  9. Apc, acn, anpp,pdp,cpc, or what ever u call ur selfs. The truth of the matter is U are all thiefs. 250m or 1bl to a killometre is not the issue bur why are u embaking on roads alone? there are other project u can do. To make the comunities betterr place with out spent up to that money u aclaim but due to the fact that u will not get anything out of it that is why u go for roads. well time will when its four years we will all see the different. And let not forget ask all this politicians what have they done to there comunities befor they assume there position and u will be amuse of there answers. God bless nigeria

  10. it is very clear that the likes of OLALEYE are still in bondage . frankly speaking l doff my cap for ODUMAKIN for speaking the truth because l am so sure he knows exactly what is happening in the circle of so called progressive and alike, infact he needs to go further that the so called buhari integrity will soon be rubbish by the nonsense merger . my own candid advise to ODUMAKIN is stay aloof and watched them sinking themselves come 2014 in EKITI and OSUN and 2015 in other southwest states afterall ONDO was the starting point . we shall all see how their proclaimed developments and their mass looting through the YEYE china company brought in by their leaders will saved them. MY COMRADE MY REGARD TO PASTOR BAKARE . we shall be delivered by God grace.